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Title: Black Widow
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Album: The New Classic
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Title: Fuck Love
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Album: The New Classic

i hate this website + i hope u all have a bad day

My first cosplay for Anime North 2014!!! (It’s not fully finished yet so I just did closet cosplay for the shirt, tie and pants!!!) Genderbend Ryuuko yaaaaa


I can’t believe Lady Gaga is Hatsune Miku’s closing act


so miku is opening for lady gaga

it’s every man …. for herself .   [ eight down &&& five to go ]


Mama mia, we have a whole lot of new Mario Kart 8 coverage including our first look at Rainbow Road! Check out the new footage at IGN.

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Title: Sissy That Walk
Artist: Rupaul
Album: Born Naked

Also look what came today (and in one piece this time)

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